Transat 11 november 2023 Class Globe 5.80

Who is this crazy fool to cross the ocean alone?

You probably have to be a little bit crazy if you're willingly to cross the ocean in approx 30 days, alone on a boat of 5.80 metres long...  Yesssss I'm that crazy, it has been my dream since I've been young...

My name is Niels Kamphuis and after years talking about crossing the Atlantic and dreaming about it, I've decided to actually do it. You can talk about dreams, but it is best to achieve letting them come true. Crossing the ocean is my dream to accomplish. 
Crossing the ocean is not just a comfortable thought. It is not without danger and you have to be capable to sail all these miles on your own.

I've been sailing all my life. My parents had a sailingboat when I was young and I've made my first steps in an Optimist. Just like many others :-). After the Optimist I started sailing with a friend in a Simoun 4.85. A 2 persons dinghy which was quite popular at the time. With a couple of boats from our home town, we sailed races and had the best of times. 

After the Simoun, I've sailed the Laser for two years. Lots of fun, especially in the beginning. Learning to sail a Laser fast in heavy downwinds, is not easy at all. In the same period I started to crew a Flying Dutchman. A boat with an olympic history and still a super fast dinghy. For over a decade we've sailed the FD all over the world. Australia, South Africa, North America and all over Europe we've sailed World Championships and European Championships. All these races made it possible to sail great oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian ocean, but never made it possible crossing one of them...


Besides the dinghy sailing, bigger boats have always been in my life. With friends we've sailed several big races round the bouys, but also long distances races. Races like Cowes Week, CAMR, North Sea Regatta, Scheveningen-La Rochelle and Gottland Runt have always been races I enjoyed!

Besides racing is touring on my own boat with family a great pleasure. With Sandettie, a Kalik 33, I've sailed lots of miles between the middle of France and the Baltic. Most of the times in great circumstances, but I've seen my storms, waves and difficulties as well :-)

Hopefully I will see you sometimes on the water!

Niels Kamphuis